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    New contact details Posted by Sally at 14:51 23rd Jul 2016 Hi,

    As you will be aware I will be leaving Wrens on 25th August, 2016. Up until then please contact me as normal ( I am doing all the admissions for September as usual), or via this website. After that please contact Mrs Joanna Mardell. Her details are:


    07754 876330

    I will be working with Joanna before, and after, this date to ensure a seamless handover.

    Thank you for all your support over the years - I am really going to miss Wrens!!


    New owner of Wrens from September 2016 Posted by Sally at 12:58 18th May 2016 Hi,

    I am sure that some of you will have read in the Dunmow Broadcast that I will be leaving Wrens at the end of August. I have attached a letter that I gave to parents explaining what a hard decision this was and why I have taken it. I want to reassure you that the new owner, Joanna Mardell, will continue to run Wrens in the same way as it is now. She already runs Ford End Preschool and is very experienced, and she will work with all the current staff so nothing is expected to change. I am going to be working closely with Joanna to ensure a seamless changeover, and will prepare everything for the Autumn term as usual. Please read the attached letter for more information,

    [Download Attachment]

    Snow! Posted by Sally at 19:51 8th Jan 2016 Hi,

    Given the current bad weather forecasts I thought I should remind you all of our snow policy. Obviously we will try and remain open if we can. However, if the Primary schools have to shut then I am afraid we will have to as well - my staff will have their own children at home and will not be able to come to work!

    In this case I will put a tweet on the home page of the website as early as I can, stating that we will be closed. If no message appears then we will be open. I am dependent on the Primary schools to make an early announcement though - I can only make a decision once they have!!

    So watch the Twitter feed on the home page!


    Wedding Posted by Sally at 15:28 12th Aug 2015 I thought you all might like to see a pic of my wedding, and the awesome cake made by Jane's daughter Caitlin! We had an amazing day! [Download Attachment]

    Fun Day Posted by Sally at 13:52 22nd Jun 2015 Hi, our Fun Day will be held on the last day of term, Fri 17th July. Please come along and support us - 10:45am to 12noon! Donations welcome for the Raffle, Bring and Buy and the Cake Stall.

    Accreditation Posted by Sally at 13:48 31st Aug 2013 Hi,

    Wrens Preschool is now an accreditated member of the Preschool Learning Alliance! We successfully completed all 3 stages of their Reflecting on Quality program. A big thanks must go to my staff who worked really hard for this, and to all those parents who helped too!

    [Download Attachment]

    Days in September Posted by Sally at 16:39 3rd Jul 2013 Hi all,

    We are fast approaching the end of term. For all those of you coming back in September, please be reassured that you have the sessions that you have asked for!


    Closure rumour Posted by Sally at 16:42 4th Jun 2013 Hi,

    It has been brought to my attention that there is a rumour circulating in Dunmow and the surrounding area that Wrens is about to close. This is totally untrue and could not be further from the truth. This year has been our most successful yet, and we are on the brink of getting Preschool Learning Alliance accreditation. We also have a waiting list for some sessions. Please be reassured that, just because I live in Surrey, and actually have done for the last 3 years, this does not mean I am going to close Wrens. On the contrary I now have time to implement lots of things that I didn't have time to do before. The staff and I are agreed that we are at a very good place at the moment, everyone is happy and enjoying their work, the children are fantastic and progressing so well, and we have a fab bunch of parents. Long may it continue!!! Please feel free to quash any such rumour if you hear it!


    Posted by Sally at 16:23 23rd Apr 2013 I am afraid I am not impressed with the Early Years Minister!!

    Many parents and practitioners are still reeling from early years minister Elizabeth Truss's recent comments which described nurseries as "breeding a generation of unruly toddlers".

    Perhaps the Minister hasn't seen the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2012 report on early education around the world?

    This report ranked the UK fourth out of 45 countries in terms of quality, availability and affordability of early education for three- to six-year-olds, AHEAD of Denmark, France and the Netherlands.

    And strangely enough, this very report was cited by the Government itself in a press release issued last year (see Notes to Editor, point 3: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-calls-for-views-on-childcare--2)

    The Government seems to be basing its early education policy on guesswork and personal opinion, when it should be listening to parents and professionals.

    Bookmarks Posted by Sally at 16:15 23rd Apr 2013 Hi,

    You may have noticed the addition of a Bookmarks tab on the left hand side. This is where I will be posting interesting articles on children's development, parenting, recent legislation or changes to the way in which we work. Please visit it regularly and let me know what you would like to see more of on this page!



    Big Toddle and Red Nose Day Posted by Sally at 12:08 15th Mar 2013 Hi,

    Many, many thanks to all those of you who supported our fund-raising event yesterday. We raised £79 for Red Nose Day by selling cakes and books. The sponsor money for the Barnardo's Big Toddle is still being collected, but will definitely be over £200, hopefully nearer £300!


    Sainsburys Vouchers Posted by Sally at 20:57 4th Feb 2013 Hi,

    We are now collecting Sainsbury's vouchers in order for us to get some new equipment. Please get all your friends and family saving too, as each voucher makes a difference to us!

    Many thanks,


    Mon 21st Jan Posted by Sally at 21:42 20th Jan 2013 Hi all,

    I have just heard that both Primary schools will be closed tomorrow, Monday. As a result Wrens will be short staffed and will have to close too. We apologise for the inconvenience caused!

    Mrs Jayne Blower Posted by Sally at 16:31 11th Jan 2013 Hi,

    Welcome to a new term at Wrens Preschool. We are delighted to welcome some new faces, and also some parents who have returned to us!

    We are very sorry to see Mrs Blower leave. It will be her last day on Monday 14th Jan. but many of you will still see her at Dunmow Primary I am sure. We wish her all the best in her new role.

    We are actually full for the morning sessions now, which is both brilliant and bad at the same time (I always feel bad having to tell people that there is no room!) but there are spaces in the afternoon sessions for the older, funded children, and for the lunch clubs.

    We are also due an Ofsted inspection at some point this year. The inspector may well want to chat to some of you about your experience with Wrens!

    Enjoy the term,


    Job Vacancy Posted by Sally at 10:48 21st Jul 2012 Wrens Preschool requires an early years practitioner with experience, and preferably relevant qualifications, to work in a busy preschool environment from September 2012. Hours are negotiable, and pay is dependent on qualifications. Interviews will take place on Weds Aug 1st and Thurs Aug 2nd. Please contact Sally on 07739 629548 or slgwh@homecall.co.uk.

    Closing date for applications is Tues July 31st.

    Teddy Bear's Picnic Posted by Sally at 16:50 18th Jul 2012 Hi,

    Just to let you know that the forecast for tomorrow is showers at 1pm. We are hoping that we can get our picnic in before the rain appears! Wet weather gear might be appropriate however!

    If it should rain before this, we will obviously give preference to those children that are leaving and their parents. It will be impossible to have all the children AND their parents indoors, as we simply do not have the room ( and insurance becomes an issue!).

    There will be a notice at Wrens in the morning. If you are not in tomorrow morning please feel free to contact Jane or myself (although I will be driving until 9:15am) tomorrow morning for the final arrangements.

    Fingers crossed,


    Tesco and Sainsbury Vouchers Posted by Sally at 16:00 5th Jul 2012 Hi,

    Many thanks to all those who collected their vouchers for us. We have already received our Sainsburys order of role play tabards, assorted bean bags and a ball inflator.

    I have just sent off our Tesco order. The main item we have been able to order is a set of 6 rechargeable colour-co-ordinated mobile phones which the children will love! We also ordered a Tuff tray cover and some ball skills equipment.

    A really big thank you to all, as this means a lot to us!

    Thank you!!!


    Haven Free Equipment Posted by Sally at 15:36 29th Feb 2012 Many thanks to all those of you who pledged your support. We have received a holdall full of bats, balls and balancing equipment, as well as streamers! The children will love using them. Unfortunately we did not get 100% of you signing on to get the bonus item, but we have until the middle of April, so PLEASE log on if you haven't already!



    Haven Free Equipment Posted by Sally at 15:36 29th Feb 2012 Many thanks to all those of you who pledged your support. We have received a holdall full of bats, balls and balancing equipment, as well as streamers! The children will love using them. Unfortunately we did not get 100% of you signing on to get the bonus item, but we have until the middle of April, so PLEASE log on if you haven't already!



    Free Equipment Posted by Sally at 14:53 13th May 2011 Hi,

    Thanks to all those who logged on to Haven's website. Our free equipment, including a mini trampoline, is being delivered next week. Well worth having, I'm sure you'll agree!

    The Tesco vouchers are no longer being issued. We are counting them up now, so PLEASE bring in any that you have at home, as soon as possible, and nag friends and relatives too. We hope to get an outdoor musical frame but we need another 1000 more!

    Sainsbury's are still issuing vouchers until the end of May so please keep collecting. We never get as many as for Tesco's but they still keep us supplied with balls, hoops, rackets and balancing equipment, so keep saving and bring them in! This all means that the money we save can be spent on other resources for your children to enjoy so the children benefit from this greatly.

    Many thanks,


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